Black Friday is Freedom Friday
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Black Friday is Freedom Friday
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Black Friday is Freedom Friday

There is only one justice movement. The #mikebrownverdict was a travesty of justice. If you want to help, this is how to connect our issue of food justice with social justice.

Most of the time we act as if the movement for food justice is separate for the movement for social justice. This is something that we must unlearn. 

It is not. Our destinies are tied together. Justice is indivisible. If we fight for freedom for one, we achieve freedom for all.

The injustice in Ferguson is tied to the injustice everywhere. The lack of accountability that gives rise to political injustice is the same injustice of hunger, economic oppression and environmental degradation. 

We must raise our voices and connect all the issues of justice. We know that the violence of food injustice has connections to Missouri. We must be smart. We can use our economic power to shift an unjust system.

This Friday, join the #notonedime campaign and do not shop.

Missouri is home to Monsanto, the leading company in the proliferation of genetically modified crops. GMO's production is a form of environmental violence that all of our communities live with day in and out. We are forced to eat food that is killing the planet.
Demand that GMO's are labeled and DO NOT purchase foods that contain GMO's. This will be harder for those of us that are not in the food justice movement. 

We must share with our comrades the importances of eliminating these products from our plates.  

Learn about GMO's  clink the link. Purchase these products that are Non-GMO

Learn more about the violence of the green revolution from the eco-goddess Vandana Shiva.

Do not shop on Friday. Do not purchase GMO's.  Stay tuned to learn more about more acts of solidarity. 


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Scott Schultz on Friday, February 06, 2015 8:52 AM
My children asked me why we don't go shopping on Black Friday last November. It was difficult for me to know where to start the conversation. There are so many parts to the decisions we make when we are concerned, tuned in and participating in living our ideals. Some of what I have found here helped me explain in easy terms to my children about justice, simple and equal justice. With a background in Organic Produce it can be difficult for me to address justice without assigning it all to the food movement but your words have helped me expand the dialogue with my kids to the greater need for social, economic, racial and gender issues as well. Somehow I have just found your blog and am happy to be able to have this forum to thank you for what you do. It is so desperately needed. Thank you LaDonna- we need more voices like yours.
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