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Black Friday is Freedom Friday
Time for a National Food Policy
No Justice, No Juice - Food as a tool for organizing against Stand your Ground laws
Climate Change is the Defining Issue of our time
I'm not havin it!


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Black Friday is Freedom Friday

There is only one justice movement. The #mikebrownverdict was a travesty of justice. If you want to help, this is how to connect our issue of food justice with social justice.

Most of the time we act as if the movement for food justice is separate for the movement for social justice. This is something that we must unlearn. 

It is not. Our destinies are tied together. Justice is indivisible. If we fight for freedom for one, we achieve freedom for all.

The injustice in Ferguson is tied to the injustice everywhere.

Time for a National Food Policy

On November 7th, an op-ed was published asking present Obama to sign an executive order to mandate Food for All. 

Please join CAMPAIGN for Food Justice NOW! and Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative (GFJI) for a call to discuss a community based response from the food justice community.  

Monday, November 24th at 1pm (central time)

No Justice, No Juice - Food as a tool for organizing against Stand your Ground laws

 Its hard to talk about race in this country.   

 People across the country come together to march and voice frustration with the verdict from the Zimmerman trail.  We are now forced to talk about race.   

The silence of the food movement on the issue of justice in the case of Trayvon
Martin/Zimmerman trial is deafening.  I know that many of us were among the thousands that marched. I marched too. I wondered what can the food movement offer the social movement against racism and injustice?

Climate Change is the Defining Issue of our time

During his State of the Union address, President Barak Obama proposed that the United States take the lead internationally to address climate change. He quoted John F. Kennedy, who said, “Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man.”When thinking about this climate problem, many in communities of color do not feel that they are responsible for climate change. It’s not the behavior of poor people and communities of color that has got the earth off balance. I am not asserting blame — I am stating the obvious.

I'm not havin it!

Published May 13, 2013
Corporate Accountability International’m-not-havin-it

As a mom, nothing is more important to me than caring for my children. Taking care of their bodies, minds and spirit is second nature to me.

The sacred bond between mother and child is built on trust and love. It is cherished and nurtured through the daily choices that I make for the health of my children. They depend upon me to make the right choices for them to thrive.  

That’s why 

Politics of Our Plate

Politics of the plate
Published May 16, 2013 
Minnesota Spokesman Recorder

Big money talks in limiting your right to know what you are eating

When we are told to watch what we eat, many of us are counting calories. We
are told to count the amount of fat, sodium or sugar is in a food. Research
says that tracking food in this manner helps us make better food choices

Yet there are aspects of our food that are not as easily quantified as grams
of fat, salt or sugar. This aspect of our food is not measurable and is beyond our realm of choices.

Black and Green Column

People of color seek an environmental message that includes them 
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Published May 03, 2013

It is easy to dismiss the environmental movement. It seems that so many of the messages that come from environmentalists are related to things that are defined as White or ideas that are not of any concern to African Americans. It may also seem like the environmental movement is trying to “unring” a bell, making the behavior attached to protecting the environment from human harm inaccessible and unrealistic.

Food Justice NOW

Welcome to Food Justice NOW!

What I hope to accomplish in this space is to develop a place where there is a discussion about the race, class and gender issues that shape the injustices in food and agriculture system. 

At the same time, I know that I know only a little but I am willing to share what I know. 

I am also interested in learning from you. 

If you have a story to share or you want to contribute a piece to publish please let me know. 

Before I sign off, check out this article in the